Art (6th)

Ms. Jess Wichterman (Art Specialist)

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Ms. Wichterman.  I am the art teacher for Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Upper School.  I love painting and drawing and especially love teaching art to students at the middle level. I am also the teacher leader for the art club, which produces the yearbook.  Please see the "More" tab for more info about art club and yearbook.

6th grade art is a trimester class. In 6th grade art we start with the Classical Period where we focus on the art of ancient Greece and Rome.  We use observational drawing skills to create four column drawings.  Throughout the quarter we learn skills such as symmetry, balance, one point perspective, foreground, middle ground, background, emphasis and color schemes.  We work on a lot of different painting and drawing techniques.  All of our projects are based around the art history focus for the week.  Each week we focus on a different period of art.  And each week we follow up with a critical response critique.  Each student will participate in self reflection and peer review weekly as this is an important part of being a student in the arts.

We follow Core Knowledge curriculum. 


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Art is a trimester class.  But each student will need a notebook for this class for the art history notes we take each week.  Each student will be responsible for a timeline entry, 4 vocab words, art history notes from our reading and a 5 point exit ticket weekly.  This part of the class is worth 40 points out of the 100 points students can earn each week.  Then there is a project each week.  The school will provide the materials for students to complete the projects.  The projects, as well as an artist statement, rubric and peer review are worth 50 of the 100 points students can earn each week.  The remaining ten points are earned with the daily warm up questions.


6th grade art syllabus
Art weekly schedule

Hello and welcome!

Art club is an extracurricular that meets once a week on Friday mornings. The art club is a fun club for students who want to have some extra time to work on art. Students may spend time working on ongoing projects that they have started outside of art club if they wish to bring things in, or they may participate in new art projects that myself or other students may teach. I will be sure to have something new each week. And art club is in charge of the yearbook as well. Students may participate in weekly yearbook updates and actually work on creating the pages of the yearbook. Art club students are also in charge of taking a lot of the pictures for the yearbook too, so they may get a chance at photography with the school's camera during school events. Art club is a lot of fun!