Malorie Binn

Welcome to art class!

Why is art education important for young learners?

Art education encourages creativity, problem-solving skills, promotes confidence, and makes connections across all disciplines. At SHPA, we follow the Core Knowledge Art Sequence and make connections to what students are learning about in their Core Knowledge Units. Students learn about important artists, movements in history, and how to use different mediums and tools. They learn new artistic skills and concepts every day. Art class provides an important creative outlet for our students and we have fun making, looking at, and critiquing artwork. 

Meet your Art Teacher:

Hello! My name is Malorie Binn and I am the Visual Art Teacher at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy (Bloomington Campus). This is my 8th year teaching at SHPA and I love teaching art to our wonderful students. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Studio Art and Art History and have a Master's Degree in Art Education. I have taught art classes to a wide variety of age levels and ability levels over the years. I studied art history abroad in Florence, Italy and am passionate about expanding children's visual vocabulary through teaching art!


In art class, we use our CARES:







and we follow the ART ROOM RULES: 


A = Art materials are used properly. 

R = Respect others. 

T = Try your best on your work. 


*To see pictures of what we are making in the art room, go to


Thank you!



In art class, our lessons follow the Core Knowledge Sequence for curriculum. Our lessons also meet the MN Academic Standards for Visual Art. To see my Curriculum Overview for all grades, see the documents that are located in the Files and Materials section.