Malorie Binn

*Update: after spring break, please go to the following Google Classroom page to find art assignments and information for your students:


The code is: fdsizch


Hello students and families, 


I have been thinking about each and every one of you and have missed seeing you in the art room at school! I hope this letter finds you well.


There are two categories below for your child’s art assignments. Provided with this informational sheet is a Focus assignment for at least 20 minutes on their “Art Day”. The Enrichment assignments are optional and can be used if your child is craving more art activities they can do from home. If students are working in a sketchbook at home, encourage them to have a growth mindset. It is okay to make mistakes. That is how we grow and learn.


Focus Assignments: 


Grades K-1:

Please see the double-sided worksheet on review of shapes and patterns. Please complete the first side of the worksheet on your first “Art Day.” Complete the second side on your second “Art Day.” 


Grades 2-3:

Please see the double-sided worksheet on review of shapes, lines, and patterns. Please complete the first side of the worksheet on your first “Art Day.” Complete the second side on your second “Art Day.” 


Grades 4-5

Please see the double-sided Meet the Artist worksheet. Complete the first passage with questions on your first “Art Day” and the second passage with questions on your second “Art Day.”


Enrichment Ideas (Optional) (All grades):


  1. Create a sketchbook to work on at home. Staple together pieces of white or lined paper. Decorate the cover with colorful construction paper, magazine pictures, stickers, and your name. Draw something different every day. See sketchbook idea prompts on the back of this page. 

  2.  Visit Explore how art objects are made and the history behind them. 

  3. Visit our local art museum via and check out the works of art in the museum via virtual gallery tours. 

  4. Lunch Doodle with Mo Willems!

  5. Visit other Art Museums online: 


Please email with any questions you have: Thank you! -Mrs. Binn. 


Sketchbook Ideas/Prompts: 


  1. Look out your window. Draw one thing you see. 

  2. Create a new game. Draw the game board, list the rules, and how the scoring works. 

  3. Make an illustration from your favorite book or story you just read. 

  4. Draw your favorite superhero. 

  5. Create a new superhero. What is their name and what special powers do they have?

  6. Draw yourself in 10 years. Draw yourself in 50 years. How are you different from now? 

  7. Draw your favorite thing in your room. 

  8. Draw your favorite food. 

  9. Create a new logo for a new sports team. 

  10. Draw your pet. Now draw a speech bubble next to their mouth. What are they saying? 

  11. Draw something you have always wanted. 

  12. Draw the house of your dreams. Draw the inside of the house too. 

  13. Draw your best friend. Write them a short letter too. 

  14. Draw your role model. Who do you look up to and why? 

  15. Draw the ocean. 

  16. Draw the desert. 

  17. Draw the rainforest. 

  18. Draw how you are feeling today. Draw how you were feeling yesterday. 

  19. Draw your family. 

  20. Draw a comic strip. 




In art class, we use our CARES:







and we follow the ART ROOM RULES: 


A = Art materials are used properly. 

R = Respect others. 

T = Try your best on your work. 


Thank you!



In art class, our lessons follow the Core Knowledge Sequence for curriculum. Our lessons also meet the MN Academic Standards for Visual Art. To see my Curriculum Overview for all grades, see the documents that are located in the Files and Materials section.