English Language Learners

De Zhang

De holds graduate degrees in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and Education from Iowa State University. She has many years' experiences of teaching English and Chinese in China and the United States. She likes to read and to make friends from different cultures.

The English Language department works with all of the mainstream curriculum. We enhance our students experience by scaffolding certain skills with Words Their Way, Explode the Code, Time for Kids, NewsELA, and a host of teacher developed exercises. Our skilled staff works tirelessly to make sure each student is achieving it's goals.

The English Language department works hard to give students, whose first language is something other than English, access to the mainstream English curriculum. By looking at students work and assessment results our department modifies the material and instruction to best suit each individual student's language needs. The ELL department also works in the mainstream classroom as a co-teacher in Kindergarten, First, Second and Third grade. We try our best to serve our English Language learners and benefit the whole school by acting as experts in our field.