Ms. Lellman

Hello Geometers! 

Look here to find supplemental information to the curriculum we cover in class.  Also, under the Files & Materials tab you can always access our Sneak Peek at the Week, which has each day's lesson topic and homework assignment.

I’m looking forward to my tenth year teaching here at Seven Hills!  Despite my long tenure, I don't know everything, so I look forward to learn something new each year from my students.  I enjoy being a part of this community of learners.  Obviously, math is my favorite subject.  But more than doing math, I love working with and seeing the growth of my students over their middle school careers. 

I appreciate a good pun, perfect froth on a latte, and the little extras in life.  I enjoying traveling, cooking, and going on bike rides with my husband, Josh.  I love playing with my family and friends but also find rejuvenation in the quietness of being alone. 

MCA online calculator

7th grade MCA practice test                        

8th grade MCA practice test

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