6th Grade World History & Trivium II

Below are printable copies of the World History and Trivium syllabus. Watch here for monthly calendars and project rubrics

7th grade syllabus
World History Syllabus
World History September Calendar
Trivium September Calendar
World History October Calendar

Links to get lost in...

Instgrok- searches the web for keywords and creates an ever expanding word cloud with a lot of information.

Locatestreet- the random location game, use Google Street View to get lost then figure out where you are.

Project Gutenberg- a library of free ebooks, almost 50,000 in the public domain.

5 Dangerous Things- a wonderful Ted Talk about some things we should all try at least once.

ProCon- take a look at both sides of an issue, then argue with your parents.

TEDEd- Hundreds of micro-lessons some of which are featured in Trivium Class