Ms. Bradford

Barb Wessman

Hello Parents and Fifth Grade Students,

          Welcome to the beginning of another wonderful year at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy.  I am thrilled to be able to have your student in my fifth grade class this year.  Working together with you to help your student reach his or her highest potential is something I look forward to this coming year. 

          This is my fifth year here at SHPA and I am lucky to be able to be working in 5th grade again.    Bloomington has always been my home and I am lucky to be teaching in a district that molded who I am.  I am a passionate reader and look forward to seeing what kind of books our class will read this year.  I am always looking for my next great read. I hope that I, along with the students, am inspired to read something new.  Check in to see what books are being read in Ms. Wessman's class. 

          I am available to answer any questions that might arise throughout the school year, so please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email address is .  I am looking forward to a great school year.



Ms. Barbara Wessman

Physical Science:

Chapter 3 Force and Motion

Vocabulary: force, motion, gravity 

Students will investigate how different forces create motion.  

Core Knowledge: Westward Expansion Before the Civil War

Students are learning how the Uninted States has acquired the land that makes up our country.  They will look at the conflict between different groups of people and the hardships some went through for this country to be the size it is today. 

Math Graphs and Data

Students are practicing reading graphs and taking important data from those graphs to help understand what they are trying to tell us.  They will use that data to find the mean, median, range, and mode and answer questions about the data set.  

Reading Small Groups

Sylvia and Aki - Ch. 1 due Feb. 6th

Schooled - 

Hatchet- starting on Tuesday Ch. 1 due Feb. 6th

Night of the Twisters- Later On due Feb. 5th 


Subject and verb unit 


Punctuation: commas 

Process: Mysteries for Publication 


Quizzlet Vocab Study


Chapter 3 jeopardy