Ms. Bradford

Barb Wessman

Hello Parents and Fifth Grade Students,

          Welcome to the beginning of another wonderful year at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy.  I am thrilled to be able to have your student in my fifth grade class this year.  Working together with you to help your student reach his or her highest potential is something I look forward to this coming year. 

          This is my sixth year here at SHPA and I am lucky to be able to be working in 5th grade again.  As we always encourage and teach our students to be lifelong students, I am practicing what I preach by going back to graduate school in education.  Students will experience new ideas that are brought up in my classes with technology to get engaged and connect to their world outside of school.  Look forward to fun ways to connect their homework to technology.  I am enjoying being a first time mom to a beautiful little girl.  I love sharing all my stories about her firsts with the students. 

          I am available to answer any questions that might arise throughout the school year, so please do not hesitate to contact me.  My email address is .  I am looking forward to a great school year.



Ms. Barbara Wessman

Physical Science:

Chapter 3 Force and Motion

Vocab: Gravity, Air resistance, force 

Core Knowledge: Westward Expansion Before the Civil War

LAND LAND LAND!!! Do you wonder how our country got all the land we have?  Well the students this unit are learning how the different Presidents acquired the land that we call the USA.  Ask your students to tell you all about it.

Test Jan. 31st  

Math: Data and Graphing

Students will be reading different types of graphs and finding our benchmarks with this data.  Mean, median, mode, and range are the benchmarks students will learn to solve for and find out why we find them. 


Non fiction text structure- compare and contrast is next

Vocabulary: define words using context clues in our text

Small Groups:

Out of the Dust- pg. 196-209 due Friday

Sylvia and Aki- ch. 7 & packet or bookmark

Freak the Mighty- ch. 10 and bookmark

Hatchet- ch. 6 and packet vocab and theme 


Testing to check for growth and regroup students where they need to be.


Subject & verb unit starts next Wednesday 



Students will be writing and sending business letters to a company of their choice.  Looking forward to seeing responses come in for the remainder of the school year. 





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Reading Log