Mrs. Carlin

Lisa Carlin

Welcome to school year 2014-2015!

Our Mission:
Seven Hills Preparatory Academy engages students in a rigorous Classical education, designed to prepare individual students for strong citizenship and life-long learning.

Dear Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you more about myself. I have been teaching for eleven years and I have had the privilege of teaching kindergarten through third grade students. Teaching is a second career for me. Prior to teaching, I was in business for over sixteen years in a variety of leadership positions in specialty retail. My most recent professional accomplishment was completing my Master's Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota.

My husband Terry and I have lived in the Uptown area for over nineteen years. We have three Labrador dogs. I enjoy running, skiing, cooking, and reading when I am at home.
I look forward to helping your children grow academically this year!

Mrs. Carlin :)

Behavior Management

Seven Hills has a strong focus on teaching our kids to be life long learners and strong citizens.  In order to do that we added a new, school wide, component to our behavior color chart system.  This year students will receive reminders to follow directions, show SLANT, listen, etc.  If repeated reminders are given, a student will receive a check.  

3 checks = color change to yellow

6 checks = color change to orange

9 checks = color change to red and a visit to Mrs. Farrell or Dr. Woog

If a student gets to red you will also receive a note from me.  Please sign it and return it the next day.

The check system follows all students to wherever they go in the building (i.e. lunch, recess, specialists).  If you would like information about how your child is doing in class please ask at any time.


Seven Hills loves to recognize students that show their C.A.R.E.S!






Each week I will choose one student who has shown his/her C.A.R.E.S along with the emphasis of the month.  

C.A.R.E.S. monthly focus:

September - Cooperation

October - Assertion

November - Responsibility

December - Empathy

January - Self-Control

Students chosen to be VIP each month will be recognized at our large VIP assembly on the last Friday of each month.  Families are encouraged to attend. 

Minnesota Math Standards

8 Steps of Model Drawing:

1. Read the entire problem.

2. Decide who is involved in the problem

3. Decide what is involved in the problem.

4. Draw unit bars of equal length.

5. Read each sentence, one at a time.

6. Put the question mark in place.

7. Work computation to the side or underneath.

8. Answer the question in a complete sentence.

Math Links/Resources

-To find more helpful math links for your student visit the Math Enrichment page.

See an example:

Singapore Math in the News:

  • Email Laurie Henning-Johnson at ljohnson@shpamn.orgrequesting an invitation to complete an online volunteer background check. Please include name and email address in the request.
  • You will receive an email with the link to submit their form.
  • Select "Volunteer Screen" if prompted
  • Fill out all required (marked with an asterisk) items and press "Submit"
  • Results will be sent to Laurie Henning-Johnson with all privacy data blocked.
  • Laurie will contact parents with results