Ms. Hoehn

Meghan Hoehn

Hello and welcome to 4th grade!

My name is Ms. Hoehn and I am exciteed to be your child's teacher this year. On this web page you will find valuable information about our class including newsletters, upcoming events and other information. It is going to be a super year!


Ms. Hoehn 


Volunteer Information:

For those interested in volunteering for any school event, or in the classroom, please follow the process below to do so. Anyone who has not gone through this process will not be allowed to volunteer with SHPA. Thank you for your cooperation! 

Online Background Check Forms:

All volunteers will be required to fill out and submit a Background Check form. This form can be downloaded on our website at>parents and families>volunteers and giving.  If you prefer to complete the Background Check on line, please email Barb Mattson, Bloomington Campus, at  You will then receive a link to complete the form on line.

4th Grade Homework Expectations

**Denotes that this is part of the requirement for participating in weekly "Fun Friday" activity.

Math (Daily, 15-20 minutes): Math homework should be completed to the best of the student's ability. If the student is struggling with any portion of the homework please leave those problems unfinished, and we can discuss questions the following day in class. 

**Reading Log (Mon-Thurs, 15-30 minutes): For the reading logs students should read 20 minutes for each log, then complete a 3-4 sentence response. Since students have to read for their guided reading group, they may use the time they read for their reading group to fulfill the reading log satisfaction as well.

Guided Reading (varies; contact guided reading teacher for more details): This will vary from teacher to teacher, but generally the expectation is that students are completing the assigned reading, and completing the corresponding assignment (response to questions, write a summary of the assigned reading, etc).

Music (varies; contact music teacher for more details): For homework expectations/questions/concerns please contact Ms. Brame at

Spelling (Daily, 5-10 minutes): Students should utilize quick, daily practices to ensure students master weekly skills and accurate spelling of words.

**Planners (Mon-Thurs): Planners need to be viewed and signed by parents.  

Ms. Hoehn's Classroom Expectations:

1. Show your C.A.R.E.S.

2. Do your best!

3. Treat others as you wish to be treated

4. Have a positive attitude 

Class Dojo

Why Classroom Dojo?

Classroom Dojo is positive reward program we use in 4th grade to reinforce C.A.R.E.S.

How it Works:

Students earn 6 points daily for their positive behavior, but can also lose 1 point for every check they receive. Students can also receive beyond their 6 daily points for going "above and beyond" by demonstrating an aspect of C.A.R.E.S. The more points students earn throughout the year the higher the belt level they advance which ties in to how they are developing socially and behaviorally.

What are points used for? 

As an added incentive students can use their earned dojo points for certain privleges such as extra recess time, use the "teacher chair" for a day, etc. If you would like to view resources we use in the classroom for classroom dojo please see the "More" tab. 


   Texts used in 4th Grade

  • Math-Math In Focus-4A and 4B textbooks
  • Science-National Geographic: Life Science 
  • Reading-Selected texts for Guided Reading
  • Grammar-Shurley English
  • Core Knowledge--World History


4th Grade Yearlong Plan 2015-2016

The Yearlong Plan provides an overview for families to know the Units of Study and Grade Level Expectations taught throughout the course of 4th grade.  Your child’s teacher will notify you through newsletters and the class web page as to specific learning concepts and their timeframes.

English Language Arts



Social Studies

Introduction to Literature

Whole Numbers

Place Value

Factors/ Multiples

National Geographic Science


  • Earth Science


  • Life Science


  • Physical Science

Safety Lessons

Spatial Sense/Geo.

Maps & Globes


Sayings & Phrases


Fact Practice


World Geography

Physical Maps

Mountain Ranges

Grammar, Usage & Mechanics

Word Problems


Geography of Western Europe

Spelling & Spelling Patterns

Multiplication & Division 2 digit

Fact Practice

History of the Christian Church, Feudalism, Norman Conquest

Fiction and


Mental Math

Fractions:  Equivalents, Improper Add/Subtract

Word Problems

Core Knowledge

Human Body


  • Circulatory System


  • Respiratory System

Europe in Middle Ages:  Background, England

Literary Genres

Decimals: Place Value, Rounding, Add/Subtract


China:  Dynasties & Conquerors

Guided Reading Groups

Geometry: Angles Congruent/Symmetric Figures

Spread of Islam: Holy Wars, Development of Islamic Civilization, Wars & Crusades

Vocabulary and Latin


Measures & Volumes

Data Analysis & Prob.


Core Knowledge


Science Biographies

American Revolution

French & Indian War

Writer’s Workshop

Coordinate Graphs &

Changes in Quantity





Taking Care of the Environment


Electoral Process

Early Presidents & Politics


Measuring:  Angles, Lines, Shapes, Solids, Nets, Area/Perimeter

Early & Medieval African Kingdoms, Geography of Africa

Classical Literature Selections

Algebra & Algebraic Expressions, Integers, Coordinates

MN Standards

Minnesota State History

The Fifty States & Capitals



Begin 5th Grade Mathematics


Math Resources:


Sum Dog:

Castle Project Websites: Middle Ages Review Questions
Plants Study Guide
Animal Life Cycles Study Guide
Living Things Depend on One Another Study Guide
Animal Adaptations Study Guide
Author Study Packet
Wax Museum Packet
Castle Project Outline