Ms. Slayton

Julie Slayton

About the Teacher
Hello! My name is Julie Slayton. This is my first year teaching at Seven Hills Preparatorty Academy (SHPA). I went to the College of St. Scholastica where I recieved my degree in Education. Prior to teaching at SHPA, I taught Kindergarten for 2 years in Hibbing, MN. Kindergarten is such a wonderful grade to teach! It is a place where your child will discover a sense of wonder and awe. It is a place that will foster their love for learning!

A little bit about myself:  I love spending time outside exploring with my dog, Benji. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing, doing projects, camping, and hiking. Also, I enjoy spending time with  my family playing card or board games.

 I look forward to working together with you and your child as we explore the world in this wonderful journey of Kindergarten!


Snacks and Food in the Classroom
Seven Hills is a NUT AND PEANUT FREE SCHOOL! Due to severe food allergies of students and staff, children will not be allowed to bring ANY snacks or food that contains or may contain nuts or peanuts.


It is of the utmost importance that each parent and child understands the severity of this rule and follows it explicitly!  Some allergies are so severe that they are life threatening.

Parents should make sure that they pack lunches that do not include peanut butter, peanuts or any nut product.  Please check all labels carefully. Any snacks that are brought to school should remain in their original wrapper so the food labels can be checked. Thank you for understanding.


All School Information
Email Laurie Henning-Johnson at requesting an invitation to complete an online volunteer background check.  Please include name and email address in the request.
* You will receive an email with a link to submit the form.
* Select "Volunteer Screen" if prompted.
* Fill out all required items (marked with an asterisk) and press "Submit".
* Results will be sent to Laurie Henning-Johnson with all privacy data blocked.
*Laurie will contact with results.


Scholastic Book Orders
Each month I will be sending Scholastic book orders home. The flyers are full of fantastic books that your child will love. I encourage you to look them over together. You may use either of the following ways to order books:
* Send a check to school along with the completed order form
* Order online with the classroom code N9DMZ

 Ordering online is fast and easy:

  •  REGISTER at
  •  ENTER the Class Activation Code (N9DMZ)
  •  CHOOSE from thousands of print titles, value packs, and Storia eBooks
  •  SUBMIT the order to your child's teacher
  • EARN FREE Books for you and the classroom too!


Birthday Celebrations

Your child’s birthday is a special day and we like to recognize your child on his/her birthday or as close to the date as possible.  For those who have summer birthdays, you can celebrate a Half-Birthday or choose a day to celebrate in May or June. Each birthday child will be given a birthday crown to wear on his/her special day.  Celebrating and sharing treats with the Kindergarten class is fine as long as arrangements have been made with the classroom teacher.  Any snacks that are brought to school should be small, child-sized portions.
The teacher will not be giving a birthday party.  The birthday will be celebrated during a scheduled snack time.  Please remember when planning your child’s birthday party, keep in mind the feelings of all the children at school.  Unless all the boys and girls are invited to a party, please do not have your child pass out invitations at school or on the bus.  The class directory will be the best way to contact families or mail invitations.