Ms. Steiner

Brooke Steiner

Hello my fantastic first grade families!

My name is Brooke Steiner & I am SO excited to be your child's first grade teacher this year! This is my sixth year teaching first grade at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy. I love what I do & am so lucky to do it!

I grew up in Maple Grove & graduated from the Osseo School District. I LOVED school as a child & have always tried to pass my passion for learning onto my students. It is my upmost priority that my students have fun in what we do! I attended & graduated from the University of St. Thomas in December 2007. I went on to substitute for 4 years in the Wayzata School District, until I was lucky enough to be hired here at Seven Hills.

I married my best friend Matt in July 2013. We met each other working at a movie theatre in high school & have always had an affinity for movies ever since. We try to get in movie date nights whenever possible. We are the lucky & proud parents of an 18 month old little girl named Violet, born in July 2014. We are loving our new role in life as parents!

A few facts about me: I love shopping, coffee, salty foods & family time! My favorite coffee to start my day is Caribou's Dark Chocolate Campfire Cooler - YUM!  I am not a fan of candy, insects, getting dirty or cleaning! I am a very optimistic "glass half-full" kind of person & always open to trying new things. I love to read & someday would love to write my own book! I enjoy traveling with my husband to new places. It is our dream to someday make it to Italy & Australia.

I believe strongly in an "open door" policy. Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns. Being a mom, I completely understand the trust you put into me by leaving your child's welfare & education in my hands each and every day. I do not take this lightly! I am happy to address anything you would like to discuss.

Let's have a great year!

Brooke Steiner,
1st Grade Teacher


First Grade Nuts and Bolts 2018-2019

As we build toward a successful school year, these are some things your child will be learning and practicing as we focus on our mission:

  • Our hopes and goals for this year
  • Classroom expectations and routines
  • Learning to use our materials with care and respect
  • CARES character values (Cooperation, Assertion, Responsibility, Empathy, Self-Control)
  • Appropriate lunch, bathroom, hallway and recess procedures
  • Getting to know our new classroom and classmates

Math Homework:

Every Monday, the students will receive math homework that is due the following Monday. One side will be a checklist of activities to complete & be signed off by a parent/guardian. The opposite will be more traditional homework. Please keep in mind the homework is meant as independent practice, not as a way to challenge your child. The skills practiced in your child's packets are things we have already worked on in class. Being a rigorous school, your child receives daily challenges in the classroom.


The most important skill for a first grade child is reading, or being read to, every day! Please listen to your child read as much as possible & ask them questions throughout the book as a means of assessing their understanding. Students should read at least 5 minutes nightly in September, at least 10 minutes nightly October-December, at least 15 minutes nightly January-March and at least 20 minutes nightly April-June.


Our school utilizes a spelling & phonics program called Words Their Way. Your teacher will send home a detailed handout with information & instructions at the onset of the year. You students will receive spelling homework weekly in the form of word/picture cards that need to be cut out & sorted into similar phonemic patterned groups. They will also bring home a weekly homework sheet on which there will be a variety of activities to choose from in order to practice sorting the cards. Students should choose 4 activities each week & get signed off by a parent/guardian.

Take-Home Folders and Planners:

Each student will have a take-home folder to use as a way to bring all paper items to and from schoolPlease empty the folders every night and return to school every day. Please use these folders to bring notes and return forms and homework. Please review your child’s planner each night as it is a great way to review the day.


We are happy to celebrate your child's special day in school. I will email you approximately a week before your child's birthday (or half-birthday for summer children) to ask of your plans. Due to allergies & dietary restrictions, I ask that you not send your child with edible birthday treats to hand out. Instead, I will email you a list of fun alteratives about a week before we celebrate. Please remember that unless ALL boys and girls are invited from the class, we ask that you do not have your student hand out invitations at school.

Snacks and Lunch:

First grade lunch is from 11:45-12:10. Please be sure to mark the days your child receives hot lunch. The teachers do not have your lunch menus in the classrooms, and the school does not have extra lunches for those who forget. First grade will have a snack time each afternoon. Please send ONE, healthy snack with your child each day. Teachers will not provide snacks for those students who do not have one. As always, be sure the snack is from the approved nut-free snack list.


Weekly newsletters will be attached to the weekly Monday email each week. Please read it over thoroughly as it contains a lot of important information. Please be sure we have your correct email address! If you aren’t receiving emails from your teacher, please let us know right away. 


Please review your student handbook for uniform policy. It will be strictly adhered to. TENNIS SHOES MUST BE PLAIN WHITE, BLACK, GRAY, BROWN OR NAVY IF THEY ARE GOING TO BE WORE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. If your child has not mastered the skill of tying their shoes, please continuing working on that skill at home and send Velcro shoes in the mean time.


We look forward to you helping in the classroom. The first month of school we will be busy getting in the first grade routine, because of this we will begin asking for volunteers in October. Please look for more information to come.

iPad Apps for Learning

Family Friendly iPad Apps


Hungry Fish                                                 Flash to Pass

Sushi Monster                                             Math Bugs

Count Money                                                 Perimeter

Splash Math                                                 Pizza 1

Banana Math                                                Fractions

Match 10                                                     Candy Factory

Wings                                                                   Sudoku

Singapore Math Bar Model                           Math!!!

Telling Time Photo Touch Game                     Geoboards

Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division (by Horizon Business)



Mini Word                                                   Sound Sorting (Lakeshore)

Word Ball                                                     Bob Books

Tic Tac Toe (Lakeshore Learning)                 Kids Learn Sight Words 

Rocket Spelling                                            Jumbled Sentence

Learning A-Z                                               Spelling City

Story Wheel                                                          Phonics Studio

Pop Words                                                   Opposites

Phonics Awareness                                       A+ Spelling Test

Phonics Genius                                              Starfall

Spelling Bug                                                 A-Z Reading

Chicktionary                                                ABC Pcoket Phonics

Wild Fables                                                 Lakeshore All About Letters

Magnetic ABC                                              Word Mover

Bluster                                                        Book Press

Scholastic Reading Timer                             Scholastic Storia

Word Bingo                                                  Rhyming Bee

Fry Words                                                   Mad Libs

Sight Words by Little Speller


Science                                                        Social Studies

Space Place                                                  Montessori Approach to Geography

Discovery                                                    Brain Coach USA

Science 360

Google Earth



Fun Apps

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting (print)                 Educreations

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting (cursive)              Bluefire Reader

Music Sparkle                                              Simon Says                                        

Doodle Buddy                                               PaintSparkles

Screen Chomp                                              Memory King

Scribble Press                                             BrainPopjr.

Brainquest                                                   Toontastic                                         

*Doceri                                                       Class Dojo

Fitnessgram                                                 PBS Kids

Show Me                                                      Cribbage                                   Google Voice Search