Music (6th)

Todd Mulder
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Welcome to the web page for 6th grade music at Seven Hills Preparatory Academy Upper School! 


The Elements of Music and Music Theory

Students will begin exploring the elements of music (tone, harmony, melody, rhythm, dynamics to mention a few) and how the components of sound are used to create emotion.

Following elements of music study, more advanced music theory concepts will be studied to allow students to write and perform their own music compositions later in the quarter.


Music History

6th Grade students will explore historical topics in music from the Antiquity Period through the Late Baroque Period. Students will study about how different composers, styles of composition, and significant historical events affected the elements and production of music over time. Students will research and present information and an aural example on a composer of their choosing over the duration of the course.


World Music

Students will study different non-Western cultures and their contributions to world music. They will learn about different instruments and their classification, styles of composition, world drumming, and music theater. Students will determine the function of music in other cultures and its significance in cultural and historical traditions. Cultures covered in world music exploration include but are not limited to: Africa, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Native American, South/Central America, Ireland, Middle East, and Russia.


Musical Performance

General Music courses at SHPA will contain a music performance component. Once per week, students will practice putting their musical knowledge into action through singing, playing instruments, and doing in-class musical theater. For additional performance opportunities, students are highly encouraged to join band or choir.


***For more detailed information regarding the music curriculum at SHPA Upper School,  please visit the "Files and Materials" tab and select "Upper School Music Scope and Sequence" document.***