Science (7th)

Ms. Hoffman

Hi There!

Ms. Hoffman here!  Wow am I excited to teach you as 7th graders next year!  We're going to learn so much and have a great time!

I hope that you are having a great summer!  Listed below are some really fun science events or resources to check out!

  1. Pollinator Party:
    • This is a celebration of bees, butterflies, bats, and birds in Minneapolis!
    • Thursday, July 26, 2018
    • 5:00pm-8:00pm
    • Lyndale Park Gardens
  2. Feathered Friends: Researchers at Cornell have created an app to make bird identification easy!  Check it out for Android or Apple: Merlin Bird Photo ID App, If you would like to have more birds in your neck of the woods, check out: Attracting Birds to your yard.
  3. Nature Photography: This one is pretty awesome!  Go outdoors and take creative pictures of plants, animals and/or fungus!  Share your artistic masterpiece with me by emailing to
  4. Grow a garden in your yard or in a container.  Get ideas here (not just for girls!): You Grow Girl, Too rainy to garden?  Check out this online mystery game: The Great Plant Escape
  5. Videos are a perfect way to entertain yourself!  Gross Science
  6. Science Games-Check out etch a cell!
  7. Science Games
  8. Spider Myths

Here is our classroom webpage: Seven Hills Science

In seventh grade, we learn about the science of life.  The instruction focuses on the scientific study of living organisms as well as the nature of science.  This class is a safe space for exploration and curiosity.  All curricular activities are aligned to the MN Science Standards and are delivered in a classical method involving teacher/student coaching, Socratic seminars, hands-on explorations, and extensive handwriting.  Highlights include two dissections and an overnight ecology and teambuilding field trip at Baker Near Wilderness.

Students may access hard copies of assignments by contacting Ms. Hoffman during study hall.

Printed copies of notes are available upon request.

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